Entitlement at the Amusement Park

Part of my job at the amusement park is to close down rides at night. On really busy days, that means cutting queue lines early so that the ride will be finished by closing time. This angers a lot of people but this is mentioned on the map.

This evening, one of the supervisors cut the line for me but since I was not comfortable closing the ride I was given, we traded off. I was doing just fine until a family with a boy in a wheelchair came up. I told them that the ride had been closed and they got extremely angry. I think they were more angry because I turned away a person in a wheelchair. They demanded their money back and wanted to know my name. I knew that I needed to call a supervisor over right away so that is what I did. The whole time I was waiting, they yelled at me.

The supervisor did let them ride. But after the ride, he had to deal with them again. I guess they still wanted their money back.

I know that these people were trying to get sympathy from me. They wanted me to feel sorry for their son. The thing is, the son is going to get sympathy his whole life. And I cannot say I understand what that is like because I am not in a wheelchair. I know from what I read though that some people want to be treated just like everyone else. Perhaps this family wanted sympathy but they were not going to get it. And they are going to find it very hard to get from other people when they demand it.

The thing is, if you are in a wheelchair and come to the amusement park, you automatically get to cut to the front of the line. Then, you get to ride twice with the intention that you have gotten your fill of the ride and probably will not come back. And today was a very busy day so that was a big deal. This family probably got to ride more rides that any other family in the park today. What more sympathy do they need?

I do feel sorry for the kid in the wheelchair; not just because he is in a wheelchair but because he has horrible parents and because he is going to grow up thinking that he is entitled to everything he wants. I am sorry but the world does not work that way for anyone. We all get breaks now and then based on various circumstances but everyone in the world has problems of some sort. We cannot demand that everything be made special for us all the time. We all have to deal with our problems at some point and accept that that is part of life.


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