Letter to Amusement Park Visitors #2

Dear Amusement Park Visitors,

I am writing this letter as a way to deal with the events I have recently gone through. Some of what I am about to say might seem harsh. I am sorry. There are some things I have to say. There are also some things I want to say but won’t because I am a Christian.

I want to begin by saying that I am sorry that your son is in a wheelchair. I can only imagine the struggles he will face throughout life, despite the Americans with Disabilities Act. I do sympathize with you. However difficult his life might be though, there are times when he is going to be expected to face his problems head on.

As human beings, we are entitled to nothing on this planet. The government has stepped in though and given all of us some entitlements. They have also given more to those who are less fortunate. That is all very nice.  However, everyone in the world has problems. There are going to be times when we are just going to have to accept our problems and face them head on. There is only so much others can do to help us.

We can play up our problems and demand that people feel sorry for us, but at some point, the sympathizers have to move on. They have their own struggles to deal with. Now, we can demand more sympathy from more people, but then we can come across as greedy. There is a system in place to help those less fortunate, but like I said, we all have problems. The great thing about having problems though is that it teaches us adversity as well as to rely on God.

There is a saying that I want to leave you with: You can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar. It is a rather odd saying. I do not know why flies were ever mentioned. Who wants to deal with flies? However, the meaning behind the saying is there. You will get more from life and other people if you are sweet, rather than if you are rude and bitter. Be polite and show people with respect. You are more likely to get what you want.

I want to say that I will forgive you, in time, for the things you said to me. As a Christian, I am ashamed that I am unable to forgive you right away. Jesus died to forgive all my sins so that is why I must do the same. After awhile, I will come to understanding the events that have unfolded and learned to accept them. Only then will I be able to forgive you.


Kimberly Adams


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