Update on Entitled Amusement Park Visitor

Yesterday, my supervisor talked to me a little more about the amusement park visitor who thought he was entitled to a ride because his son was in a wheelchair. He told me that his whole objective was to get his money back and that he probably had been plotting his plan for several hours. The supervisor told me that the guy complained about several other things, not just me. He also lied about one of his complaints and it was a very obvious lie. The guy said that he waited in line for a certain amount of time on a particular ride. First of all, the guy would have gotten to go up the exit because of the wheelchair so he would not have had to wait in line at all. And, even if he had chosen to wait in line, the longest he would have waited was maybe ten minutes, if that. The ride is not that popular and even on busy days, it is easy to get right on because it holds a lot of people.

The guy picked the wrong person to mess with. And, he chose to be rude and disrespectful to others with the intention of getting a free vacation. That is horrible that a person would be willing to make others feel bad just because they are not willing to pay for their own vacation.


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