Advice for Teens Looking for a Job

With my new position at the amusement park, I get to work with a lot of teenagers who have never had jobs before. Many of the teenagers do not make it very long. That is why I have decided to offer advice for teenagers about to set foot in the job world. Hopefully, with this advice, teenagers will be more successful at their first job.

1. Be prepared to actually work

Do not expect to get paid to spend time on your cell phone. You wanted the job, now actually do it. Yeah, sometimes the work is not easy or fun, but it is your job. If the work does not get done, you will not find yourself with a job very long.

2. Put away your cell phone

I already mentioned that you are not going to get paid to text. My employer does not allow cell phones out at all. If a person gets caught with their cell phone, they get one warning and then they are let go. Getting fired because of a cell phone is a really stupid reason to lose your job. A person can survive without a cell phone for quite a few hours. It does not need to be out while at work.

3. Do not call in sick all the time

I have had some teenagers that call in at least once a week and say that they are sick. The other supervisors and I are not stupid. We know you are not sick all those times. What makes it even more obvious is when one of your friends also calls in the same day.

4. Do not expect to start at the top

Many of the teenagers I work with want my job. It looks all prestigious because I carry a radio and get to walk around the park fixing rides. But I had to work my way to the top. I had to actually work harder than everyone else in order to get the job. I had to also show people respect and follow the rules. And if you do not follow my advice, there will be no promotion.


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