Cell Phones and Amusement Parks Don’t Mix

Yesterday, this rides employee told me a horrible story of a guest she had to deal with the other night. This girl had lost her cell phone so the employee looked on the ride but could not find it. The girl was told to check the lost and found. Later, the girl and another person came back to the ride. The other person started swearing loudly and making a big scene in front of the other guests. This was all over the cell phone. I was shocked and horrified about what happened to this employee. And all over a cell phone.

People are way to attached to their cell phones anymore. I have heard stories of accidents happening because people are walking and texting. Of course, there are the familiar stories of people texting and driving. And I cannot even count the number of incidents that involve cell phones on rides (and let me tell you there are not many happy endings for the cell phones).

When I visit the amusement park as a guest, I leave my phone in the car. I do not want it to come out of my pocket on a ride. But some people cannot stay away from their phone that long.

What amazed me most about this employee’s story was that it was all over a cell phone. I was shocked that a woman was willing to forget her ethics over a stupid phone. Obviously, the phone meant more to her than general people. I realize that cell phones can be very expensive but still. A cell phone is not going to get a person far in life. But good manners and values will.


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