My Friend at the Amusement Park

For the last two years, my best friend from college has come visit me while I was working at the amusement park. We would spend the day at the park and then that night, we would go do something else.

Last summer though, it did not seem like my friend really had that great a time at the park. We rode the things she wanted only once. Then, we went to the water park and rode each slide once. Then we went home, changed, and went to the mall. At the mall, it was like my friend was a completely different person. She was totally in her element.

This year, we have kind of drifted apart. We do not talk that often. I really did not think she would want to go the amusement park since she did not enjoy it last year. I really did not want her to come either. But then about a week before I left to start work at the park, she texted me, wondering when she could come visit. I was shocked because we had not talked in a long time and then out of the blue, it was about coming to the park.

My friend keeps texting me, wondering when she can come. The month of May and June did not work because I had to wait for my cousin to go to camp and there was no place for her to sleep but she knows that July does work. I have yet to text her back because I guess I am not really sure I want her to come.

The odd thing though is that I do want to see my friend at a wedding in September. I actually invited her to go with me.


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