Amusement Park Worker

There is a new employee that works at the amusement park that when she talks, it sounds like she is mad at the same time that it sounds like she is bossing you around. Her tone really bothers me. Guests are going to get mad at her too because she does not sound very nice.

My first encounter with her was at closing time after her first day. All of a sudden she comes up to me complaining about the schedule. Her tone sounded mad but not bossy that time. I did not appreciate the tone and really did not want to deal with her. Plus, scheduling is not part of my job. But since she was new and did not know my job duties, I offered her help. A supervisor ended up coming up then and taking care of her. We decided later that her tone was more of a panic than actually anger.

Another night, I came to her ride to help shut it down. I was a little early but it was a busy night at the park so I was helping out as well as watching the line. She decided that since I was there and that the line had slowed down for that particular ride, someone could just go home about twenty minutes early. I had to laugh at that. First of all, it is not in my power to decide to send someone home. Plus, I explained to her that she was going to be sent to help cut some lines very soon. She wanted to go cut lines right away but I explained that I would tell her when. So the rest of the time we were together, I got to listen to her bossy/angry tone.

My next encounter with her was last night. As I was walking out to my car last night, she was looking for someone to give her a ride. Again, she used that awful tone. It was almost like she was demanding me to give her a ride. Not being from the city though, I do not know my way around very well so I explained that to her. I would have given her a ride if her house had been close by because that is the Christian thing to do but unfortunately, I would not have done it gladly because of the way she spoke to me.


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