First Impressions vs. Lasting Impressions

People say that first impressions are important and I totally agree. A first impression is hard to get past because there is no way of redoing a first impression. Once it has been made, there is no changing it. That is why at job interviews it is important to start out right otherwise there will be no job at the end of it, no matter how well you do afterwards. A first impression can also make the difference between a blooming friendship or passing them off as not worth it.

Sometimes, first impressions can be wrong. There have been people in my life that I could not stand at one point but after I got to know them, I realized that my first impression had been wrong. I have actually become good friends with some of those people. But that is where first impressions are overrided by lasting impressions. And lasting impressions can have just as big of an impact as first impressions. I believe that lasting impressions can make a person completely forget about their first impression of an individual.

The other day, I watched this guy who was really upset let his feelings be known to a supervisor. He was not very nice during the whole thing. What was probably worse was that he did it in front of everybody. Afterwards, the supervisor said that he had always thought the guy had been really nice but now he had changed his mind. I had not really known the guy very well but I had also thought that he seemed nice. But now, I have seen another side of him and now when I see him, I will only be able to think about the incident with the supervisor.

In conclusion, it is important to watch what you say and do from the very start. Not only is it important to make good first impressions but it is also important to maintain those good impressions. Even if you work hard at the very beginning, it can all be for nothing if you lose it. Lasting impressions are just as important as first impressions. Control your emotions and deal with situations appropriately.


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