The Last Horse

One Saturday night, I was responsible for closing the carousel at the end of night. It was a busy night and people were flocking to the carousel so that it could be the last ride of the night. I cut the line and then told people that if there was space left after that, they could get on. The operator was very busy checking seat belts and counting how many seats were available and then I would send the extras in. Some people were being very nice and letting the kids go on instead of themselves. It was absolutely crazy but finally, the ride was ready to go. And then a woman with a baby comes up and complains that her son did not get to ride. I apologized and told her that it was the last ride and we had filled it to capacity. She tried to tell me that her baby was crying because he could not ride. I really wanted to laugh because the baby was too young to even know what was going on. Plus, it was late at night. The baby should have been in bed instead of at the amusement park. The woman continued to argue and that is when she saw that we had missed one horse. There was one empty horse on the carousel that had not gotten filled. She would not let that last horse go. I apologized again and explained that in the confusion, we had missed one horse. I think she expected me to stop the ride and let her have that one horse but after the ride ended, I helped close it and then I walked away, leaving her to think about the last horse.


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