Amusement Park Tickets

Several weeks ago, a friend from college sent me a Facebook message and asked me if I still worked at the amusement park. She wondered if I could get her discount tickets for a certain day for her family. I told her that I could get discount tickets but I figured that I would have to work the day that she was coming so I promised her I would look into getting her tickets despite me not being present at the ticket booth. I did not actually do any inquiring until today though because when she had messaged me, she still had several more weeks before she was coming.

 My friend messaged me again yesterday and I knew that I needed to get her the information. She had told me at the beginning that she would be coming this weekend. Today at work, I asked what I needed to do in order to get her tickets and then once I got off, I visited the ticket booth and arranged for the tickets. I gave my friend the information through Facebook and then got a message back saying that the date had been changed.

 I was a little upset because my friend had not told me about the date change. Thankfully, I had not paid for the tickets but I had stayed late at work today just to make the arrangements.

 I am not going to be working at the time that my friend wants to come. Unfortunately, I have to go back to school very soon. That means I will not be able to use my discount for my friend. From her Facebook messages after I gave her the news, I think she is disappointed. I don’t blame her. I can get very good discounts. She was trying to ask me if there was other ways to get discounted tickets. There probably are other ways but I do not want to go through all the effort of finding out about these methods.

 I know I should not be angry. Really, it does not matter that she is not coming. It was not like I had been planning to see her. What really annoys me though is that I went to the work to make arrangements and she could not bother to tell me about her changes in plans.


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