Teenagers and Jobs: Part 2

I have written before about how teenagers need certain skills before getting a job. I have also written some posts about a friend of mine that wanted to be promoted at the amusement park but was not willing to put in the extra effort needed for the promotion. After calling in at least once a week to say that he could not work, he finally either quit or got fired. His Facebook page said that he was going to work at a gas station. That did not last very long though. One day at the park, one of the supervisors said that he had emailed them and asked for his job back. He promised he would do better than before. I honestly thought he would come back but he didn’t. Several weeks after that though, his Facebook page said that he had switched departments at the amusement park. That post did not stay up very long though. And just today, I noticed that his Facebook page said he was getting a job at a fast food place.

I am not sure how many jobs this guy has gone through this summer. I know that it is hard to find a part time job that is enjoyable but this guy is not giving any job any time. And if he is doing the same things he did at the amusement park and calling in every week and texting while working, it is no wonder that he is not making it very long.


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