I Almost Got Help

I have suffered from anxiety for years. When I was seventeen, I was put on medication for awhile because I was having trouble breathing. I did not stay on it for very long though. My anxiety has continued for years. There have been times where I have thought about getting help. There are times when I get no sleep and can’t get my breakfast to stay down. But I am also afraid of doctors and that is what has held me back. My breathing problems have recently returned though. Yesterday at work, I was struggling to get a deep breath. That is when I knew that this has gone on long enough. I decided it was time to get help. Last night I did some research and figured out where to go. Then, this morning, it took a lot of courage but I got in my car and drove there. And that is when I found out that clinic does not treat anxiety on Saturdays. I was recommended to another place and I had some issues getting there but I finally arrived. That is when I discovered that they are not open on weekends. So I decided to find the second place the first clinic had recommended. They were not open yet and by then I needed to get home.

I want help. I really do. I just had no idea how difficult it would be.


2 thoughts on “I Almost Got Help

  1. It is more difficult to get help when you are over 18. Children and adolescents experiencing mental health issues is “more alarming” than adults, so I can imagine finding a service for you would be a nightmare. The best place to go would be your GP, as they can refer you somewhere else.


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