I Got Help!

Thanks to the encouragement from one of my followers, I went to the doctor today for my anxiety. I called this morning and the earliest I could get an appointment was 4:30. That is not the best thing for someone with anxiety that is afraid of doctors but I knew that I needed to go through with it (even though I was tempted to bail several times).

I am now on two medications. I am on Zoloft that will help with my anxiety and depression as well as another medication that will help with my anxiety until the Zoloft starts to work.

If my brain would allow me to feel happy right now, I would be dancing for joy. I have been depressed and anxious since high school. The doctor asked me today how long ago I had gotten help for my problems and I figured it was 2008. I am ready to get my life under control.

I now understand why I did not get help that day when I was still working at the amusement park and living in the city. I went to try to find a place open on Saturday and was not having any luck. I know understand that while God wanted me to get help and wanted me to go in that day to build my courage, He wanted me to wait until I got back home. I have to call the doctor in a month to tell her how the Zoloft is working. That would not be very easy if I had gone to the doctor in the city and then came back home. But if I had not gotten the courage to go in a couple weeks ago, I never would have had the courage to go through with it today.


6 thoughts on “I Got Help!

  1. Well done you! There is absolutely no shame in asking for help and being on medication and you have just bravely proven that. I wish you all the best

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  2. So the things you really need to be aware of are the possible side effects of the pill. It might make you feel worse than better initially. Expect maybe some: diarrhea, headaches, nausea and increased anxiety. Sounds like you have s back up med for increased anxiety. Meds saved my life at a bad point, so much power to you for reaching out


  3. I’ve been on medication for a while and sometimes it’s just the best thing you can do. When you can’t live the way you want to do, some things have to change. And even though, medication does not make those changes happen for you, they can give you the support to do it yourself. All the best for you, very brave of you to do this!


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