Hiding My Antidepressant

My parents are coming to visit tomorrow for my birthday. I am really excited. They have never been to my apartment before I officially moved in. But the first thought that came to mind when I learned that they were coming is that I must hide my antidepressant. I have finally come to terms with taking it but I am not ready to let other people know. Right now though, I have a hard time remembering to take it so I do not want to hide it away because then I won’t remember to take it tomorrow night.

Today is day 11 of my antidepressant. The last eleven days have definitely been interesting. When I first started taking it, I kind of had a hard time accepting the fact that I had a problem and needed to take medicine for it. I took my medicine every day without hesitation but the idea was still difficult for me. And I really do not understand why because I have had depression and anxiety for years.

On day three, I realized that I had been clenching my jaw nearly all day. It was only that one day that it was a problem though I still do it lightly.

Shortly after that day, I realized that I felt more depressed than when I started. I did some research online and learned that that happens and has to do with the brain chemicals.

Today, I am actually feeling a little better. I am not sure if that has to do with it being the weekend and my birthday or that maybe my medicine is actually going to start working. I am excited to have my life back. I am having trouble being patient until that day arrives.


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