Art Class

The art teacher quit last school year and another one was not hired to take her place. Instead, the elementary teachers are expected to teach art once a week. When I first heard that, I was a little upset. I am not really into art. I quit taking art classes once I reached seventh grade. I took a required art class when I was in college and I definitely was the worse student. I just hate art.

About once a month last year, I would have my students make a simple project to hang on the bulletin board but that was as far as it went. This year though, we are expected to have them do an art project once a week. It is very frustrating because I had a very difficult time coming up with a project once a month. Now, I have to come up with something once a week. To make matters worse, I teach two grades. I cannot reuse the projects I did last year because half of my class already did them.

School has just barely begun so I am really freaking out about coming up with art project ideas. To complicate matters, one of the other teachers won’t leave me alone about other art expectations. There is an art show next spring so we are expected to save a couple students projects for the show. The teacher keeps telling me how to label their projects. I do not even have any projects to save yet! Plus, I know how to label their projects.

Plus, the same art projects have to be saved for the county fair after they are used for the art fair. But, they have to have different labels. The same teacher is not leaving me alone about that too. Honestly, I do not know if I will be here for the fair next year. Sure, I will go to the effort of getting their projects ready just in case but I am just getting annoyed with the other teacher right now.

This art stuff is more trouble than it is worth. I know that art is important for students but since I already teach two grades, I feel like I already have enough responsibility.


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