My Antidepressant is Working!

My antidepressant is starting to work for my depression, but unfortunately not for my anxiety. It is definitely an odd feeling, not to be depressed anymore. I do really like it though. I have suffered from depression for far too long. I like having my life under control. I like feeling normal emotions.

The other night though, I was thinking about this town and how much I hate it. I could not help but feel depressed. Tears came to my eyes. I was kind of shocked that I could be feeling this way. But then I realized that my antidepressant is not going to change the environment around me. The antidepressant is only going to allow me to feel normal. And normal means feeling sad that I live in this town. My antidepressant cannot fix that unfortunately. Only I can fix that. And believe me, I am praying that I can get a different job next year so that I can move.


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