My Zoloft One Month Later

I have been on Zoloft for a month. The doctor told me to call her after a month to let her know how it was working. At first, I was feeling more depressed than before I started taking it. But after awhile, I began to feel better. In fact, I actually felt normal. I could not remember ever feeling that way. I really enjoyed it. I liked feeling sad for actual reasons. I also enjoyed the happiness that I had not truly experienced in so long.

I did not think that the Zoloft was really helping my anxiety though. I had also been given Ativan to help with the anxiety until the Zoloft started working. I did not take it every day but I still relied on it quite often.

Plus, the other day, I realized that I was actually feeling depressed again. After feeling better for probably two weeks, I suddenly felt like my antidepressant was not working.

I called the doctor yesterday and said that I was still very anxious. I got put on an increased dose. Hopefully, it will not make me feel even more depressed like when I first started taking it. Hopefully, this time, it will work.


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