My Weekend at the Wedding

Several months ago, I was invited to a college friend’s wedding and asked to be a guest book attendant. I agreed and invited a friend to go with me. However, as the wedding approached, I wanted to go less and less.

I had been feeling depressed at the beginning of the week. Plus, I was dreading a four and a half hour drive to get to the wedding. I also did not want to drive in a large, unfamiliar city. Then, there was the issue that of not knowing anything about being a guest book attendant. Finally, I was going to be hanging out with girls that I knew in college but we were not extremely close.

I arrived at the hotel on Thursday where I would be staying with the bride and some bridesmaids. At first, all they could talk about was drinking and I was worried that I had made a mistake in coming. But then we ended up going to rehearsal and the dinner and things changed. I started having fun.

On Friday, we got our hair done and that was just as fun. Afterwards, when all the bridesmaids left to go to the church, I went to a different hotel to meet one of my friends that was coming with me. Before we could even catch up though, she locked her keys in her car and we had to wait for someone to come help her.

Once we finally could get in her car, we checked in at the hotel, got ready, and went to the church.

Being a guest book attendant really was not that bad. Plus, the wedding was really nice.

After the wedding, we went to the reception. Again, I had to work the guest book. And again, it really was not that bad.

I had another problem though. I take my Zoloft around 5:30. I could not take it in the car though right after we arrived because I did not want my friend to ask any questions. And I could not take it at the reception because I had no water. Finally, I got the brilliant idea of asking my friend to bring me water to the guest book table and I was able to take my medicine without any questions.

People have told me that I should be honest with my friend and tell her that I have mental problems. But she is one that would not understand. She judged another friend in college that was a former cutter. I am a former cutter that is depressed and anxious. I have OCD and tear out my eyebrows. She would abandon me if she knew my problems. She would be too afraid of my mind.

Anyway, I was able to take my medicine peacefully and enjoy the reception. We left at about 9:30 though because neither of us are really into partying. We went back to the hotel and went to bed.

This morning, we planned on going swimming but we could not get our key to open the door. It turned out the pool was down for maintenance. The funny thing is, the woman who checked us in told us the pool hours yesterday. We had tried to look at the pool yesterday but also could not get the card to work. I do not get why she told us the hours instead of that the pool was down.

So because we could not go swimming, we left early and I made the four and a half hour trip home. I am so glad I went though. It was great seeing my college friends. I am glad depression and anxiety did not interfere with this event.


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