Suicide Awareness

As September is suicide awareness month, many of my Facebook friends have been posting the same status about showing support for people going through tough times. It is a great way to raise awareness for suicide but at the same time, I hate it. I do not like it when people post the same status as a way to show support. To me, it seems like an easy way for people to take credit for something that may or may not be important to them. It could just be a trend that everyone does because all of their friends are doing.

It also bothers me because I am not sure if the people that post it are really up to the challenge of being supportive to a friend going through a rough time. I lost many of my friends because of my depression. They did not realize what was going on and after awhile, they distanced themselves from me. I already feel very alone when I am depressed. I need people that care about me in order to help me feel better.  Are the people that posts that status willing to stick by a friend that is depressed? It is a tough challenge. One of my old high school teachers posted the post. It makes me wonder where those people were when I was depressed in high school? Do they really know what depression even is? Because when I was in high school, all she ever told me was that it was good when I smiled.

I am all about raising awareness for depression and suicide. But I think we need to say more than we want to be supportive. In order to be supportive, a person needs to understand the symptoms and how to help. That is what our world really needs.


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