Art and Now Yearbook

I was very irritated at the beginning of the school year when the principal told all the teachers that because they had been unable to hire an art teacher, we were expected to teach art once a week in our classrooms. I was very angry. I have enough responsibilities to do without the burden of doing art with my students as well. Plus, I am not an artist. It is not like I can go home and make the project and then have an example for my students that looks really well. So far, I have been surviving but nothing we make is very fancy. I am not going out to buy any art supplies. I am making it as easy as I can.

I know that art is important to the students but I do not feel like I should have to be the one that teaches it. I did not go to school for art. I took one class as a requirement in college and I really was the worst in the class (no lie-we had to display our art work).

The next requirement that was thrown at us yesterday is the yearbook. That irritated me even more. We have a high school teacher that is in charge of the yearbook. However, we were all required to download this app that allows us to create two pages for our class in the yearbook. Like I do not have enough to do already?! Now I am supposed to be a yearbook editor too?

I actually never take pictures of my students. With all of the safety laws and whatever, I feel that it is better not to take pictures of them. Besides, with teaching two classes, it is not like I interrupt class to get pictures of them.

I understand why they want us to create our own pages. Since it is usually just a high school requirement to take care of the yearbook, they do not usually get good pictures of the elementary at work. However, I did not sign up for this. My focus is teaching. Not art and yearbook. Why bother teaching the students at all when I have expectations that never came up in college (or in my contract).


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