How Parents are Hurting Their Kids

As a teacher, I see the best and worst of kids. When I was just visiting classrooms for college, I was quick to blame the teacher for the students’ behavior. But now, I am quicker to blame the parents.

As a teacher, my job is to teach. Sure, I use classroom management to in order to have control of the classroom and help the students learn the most that they can. But when students do not behave, that takes away from learning. It is shocking the behavior from some of the students. I know that I never acted like that. In fact, if my parents found out that I did something terrible at school, I would have been in a ton of trouble at home.

But there are many parents that do not care how their student acts at school. They let their kids act however they want at home. They feel it is the teacher’s responsibility to teach their children to behave.

I look at students in my class that have hit and spit and swore. I have students that constantly say nasty things to each other and always have to things go there way. I have enough to do trying to teach all the standards the government imposes without trying to keep students away from other students and making sure they are growing up to be polite citizens of the community.

There is one student that has ADHD and his mom does not give him his medicine early enough in the morning so he comes to school (late) and then goes crazy for about half the morning. It is no wonder reading and math are not his best strengths. Then, this mother takes this child on trips all the time to visit family and never has him complete homework despite the long car trips.

I look at my students and I sometimes wonder what they will end up being like as adults. Will they have the skills to hold down jobs when their parents never cared about their manners or grades? Will they be able to follow directions given by the boss as well as show the other employees respect? Or will they bounce from job to job because they keep getting fired?

I am not saying that all parents are hurting their kids. There are some parents that care about their student’s grades and actions. There are parents that are really involved at the school and want the best for their kids. But then there are the other parents that you feel sorry for and wonder if they will ever amount to anything.


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