My Mental Problems are No One’s Business!

After admitting to my friend that I had mental problems, I asked her not to tell anyone. We decided that when the teachers at school asked what had happened yesterday, we would tell them it was low blood sugar.

I am not much of a liar and found it very difficult to tell people about low blood sugar. They kept asking me what the doctor recommended. When I said that I was fine and that nothing was going to change, I think they had trouble believing me. But it is better than the truth. Sure, my friend might have been supportive, but most of the other people in the school are major gossips. I cannot tell them that I have had suicidal thoughts and that I cut. I cannot admit that I am on medication because I have depression and anxiety. Because they are gossips, the whole town would soon know my big secrets. It is no one’s business but mine. I already have done so much by admitting to one person. That is good enough for me.


One thought on “My Mental Problems are No One’s Business!

  1. I feel your pain. I struggle with extreme depression and anxiety, but since my parents don’t recognize it as an actual disease I haven’t been able to get treatment- outside help from the school counselor and a friend’s mom, who is a psychiatrist. I absolutely agonize over who to trust with this knowledge; after a disastrous betrayal by an ex-best friend I struggle with trusting people and find myself lying to those I care about to protect myself. You’re not alone, despite how lonely the constant struggle is.
    🙂 I hope you’re able to find happiness.

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