Telling My Parents

The other day when I confessed to my friend that I had mental problems, she told me that I needed to tell my parents. If I could not tell my parents, than I needed to tell one of my brothers. I cannot tell any of my family though. They would not understand. I know that I thought the same thing about my friend but my family really would not understand. I can imagine how my mom would react if she knew that I had had thoughts of suicide and that I once was a cutter. And my brothers cannot take anything seriously. They would not know how to respond if I told them I have problems.

I know my friend wants me to tell my parents in case something were to happen. She thinks they would be very confused because they never would have known that I was depressed or had thoughts of suicide.

I feel like I have taken a lot of big steps this week in even admitting that I have problems. However, I am no where near ready to tell anyone else. I think the important thing is that someone does know. Someone does care. And right now, that is enough.


2 thoughts on “Telling My Parents

  1. It is a big step to start talking about it, you should congratulate yourself on that. And it can be scary to tell people who love you that you’re feeling self-destructive. But remember, it is an illness like any other, and it is likely your parents will want to help you be well. There is a lack of understanding, especially about self-harm, so it might help them if you explain it. If you’re afraid of talking to them, what worked for me was writing down everything I wanted to say so it made sense. You don’t even need to read it out loud, but it might help you think about what you might need. Don’t be alone x

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  2. It’s your choice who you tell when. Nobody else can make that decision for you. Your parents may be able to help, or maybe not, I don’t know. You know, though. Listen to yourself and tell who you want when you want.

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