Emotional Support Animals

I have mentioned before that I badly want a cat but can’t because I live in an apartment. I feel that a cat would be beneficial though. I feel that it would help me with my depression and anxiety. It would help me not to feel so lonely. I read online that people living in apartments can get notes from their doctor to give their landlord which states that the person needs the pet rule waived because they need an Emotional Support Animal.

One of my friends has kittens and wants to get rid of them. I want one so badly. Especially since I am going through so much with my depression and anxiety lately. I just know that a cat will help me a little better. Of course, even if I had the courage to get the note from my doctor, I doubt I would have the courage to give the note to my landlord. Anxiety is stupid that way.

I can picture the kitten though. I even have a name for it. And I can picture myself changing mentally because of the cat.


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