Not Feeling So Great

I am not feeling that great right now. Actually, I did not feel that great yesterday either. Ever since I got my medicine increased, I have experienced some unpleasant side effects. But yesterday, I began feeling a little depressed. I just contributed it to being lonely because it is the weekend. But I feel the same today, if not a little worse. I know I am not lonely because I saw my friend yesterday and today and also saw many people at church. However, I have cried today for no reason and have thought about using my highlighter (instead of cutting because the idea of cutting really is not that appealing to me right now).

I have to call my mom in a little more than an hour. I am dreading the call because I am not feeling very good and not sure I can fake it. Despite the encouragement I have received about telling my parents about my depression, I am not ready. And tonight is definitely not the night with me feeling this way.

I am dreading school tomorrow. I am not sure how I can even fake a smile, let alone deal with the kids.


One thought on “Not Feeling So Great

  1. things will get better. i know that sounds like a hollow thing to say but they do. some periods in your life will just be harder than others. im sorry to say that


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