New Antidepressant

After getting my antidressant bumped up two weeks ago, the doctor asked me to return. I had no intention of returning. I had high hopes that the medicine would finally work. Plus, doctors just increase my anxiety. However, as the two weeks approached, I knew that I really did not have a choice. The medicine was causing drastic side effects. Also, I was even more anxious and depressed than before.

I ended up emailing the Samaritans last night, asking for advice. They encouraged me to get help, telling me to remember how I felt shortly after I got put on the medicine. Today, if was not entirely sold on the idea until my friend asked me if I was going today. So I made the appointment.

The doctor told me to start weaning off my current antidepressant. Then, I will begin a new one. The idea of weaning off terrifies me. I have no idea what to expect. I will wean off the old one in just six days. I go down fifty milligrams every two days. For two days, I will not even be taking any medication. I know that my medicine has a half life so there will still be some in my system but it still scares me. What if the side effects are really bad?

My friend called me shortly after I got home. She was also scared about the idea of me coming off my old medicine, especially since conferences are next week. She also asked me what made me so anxious. I finally told her that I have OCD tendencies. My friend also knows that I have trichotillomania. She surprisingly never noticed that I have bald spits in my eyebrows.

to help me feel better, my friend brought over one of her kittens. She agrees with me in that a cat would be good for me. I even told her about emotional support pets.


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