Coming off the Antidepressant

With feeling depressed all week, the chores got abandoned. And normally, I have different chores to complete on Saturday. But I knew based on the way I was feeling yesterday that they wouldn’t get done again.

I ended up going to my friend’s house for most of the day yesterday. That was better than sitting in my chair all day watching videos on my computer because I lacked the energy to do anything.

Once I got home, it was getting late. However, I actually had some energy and was able to finish the laundry and clean the sink. I hoped that the energy would continue.

Today I woke up feeling not myself but at least with a little energy to do something. I actually got the vacuuming done. I hoped that after church, I could accomplish even more. But then suddenly during church, the tears came and I knew that my afternoon plans had just been changed.

I am right now coming off my antidepressant. I took nothing yesterday and I will take nothing today. I know that my medicine has a half life and that there is still a little in me but I am still feeling the effects. I want to cut so badly. I also have a headache. I lack the energy to do anything.


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