I Got a Cat!!!

My landlord said that I could have one of my friend’s kittens! I am so excited to welcome Shannon into my apartment! She could not have come at a better time. Last night, I was feeling the effects from withdrawing from my antidepressant. I will write more about that later but let me just say that it is absolutely horrible. I am lucky that I did not cut. But after the torture of last night and now beginning my new antidepressant, hopefully Shannon will get me through the tough times.

I am actually surprised that I asked my landlord. My friend kept asking me if I had asked but with my anxiety problems, that is something that is not easy for me. I kept putting it off and finally, my friend told me the kittens were going this weekend. I knew that if I was going to get one, I needed to get the courage to ask. My friend suggested that I ask my landlord’s wife and that she would be able to talk him into letting me have a cat.

Last night, I finally worked up the courage to call their home phone and nobody picked up. I tried calling several more times and finally just ended up texting her. She told me she would ask her husband and she got back to me this morning. I am glad that she hurried.

I keep thanking God for bringing a wonderful gift into my life!


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