Parent Teacher Conferences

This afternoon was parent teacher conferenrces (joy). That was part of the reason why my friend was so worried about me coming off my antidepressant. I did all right though. Until one of my student’s parents came in that is.

This girl is very intelligent and very nice. I had no bad things to talk about with her parents. But then at the very end, her parents said that her brother, who is two years older and in a different classroom, was being picked on by a student in my class in the restroom. Honestly, the comment did not surprise me. However, it was what the parents implied that bothered me. Pretty much, they accused me of letting the boy go to the restroom too much and that I am not watching the kids. They also said that because the boy’s desk is in the back of the room (because he cannot handle being near the other kids) that he waits to use the restroom when he sees the other kid come out of his classroom.

First of all, this kid does use the restroom all the time. But he really does need to go. And he only asks to go when I am done teaching and it is his work time. Second, I cannot babysit the kid all the time. I especially cannot watch the kid ten times a day while he goes to the restroom. Third, the other student’s teacher only allows her students to use the restroom twice a day so I cannot believe that this student has really had that many encounters with my student. Fourth, the kid is very tall so I cannot believe that my student would have that much courage to pick on someone. Finally, the parents of the boy supposedly being picked on is encouraging him to stand up for himself in self defense. I am sorry but self defense is not going to fly with me. I will send any kid that harms another kid to the principal no matter what the circumstances might be.

I was really upset by how mad the parents were at me for not doing anything. How can I stop something that I do not know about. And plus, why has the kid not said anything to his teacher?

Yes, I know my student is a bully. And nobody has no idea what lengths I go through to ensure that he is unable to harm anyone, physically or verbally. But I am unable to catch everything. And really, I am not getting the support I need from his parents or the principal. So I will do what I can, when I can. However, in the end, I am going to need some help.


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