Putting My Life Back Together

My new antidepressant is starting to work. I have been on it for two weeks and am slowly watching my life get put back together. First, I started doing chores again. No more neglecting the dishes for several days. Then, I started getting out of my chair and actually doing something besides listening to audiobooks or watching TV. Then, I began cooking again. For quite awhile, I did not have the energy to make dinner. I would make something quick in the microwave like chicken nuggets. This was actually worse than cooking because at least if I cook, I have leftovers for several days and that is so simple to heat up and clean up.

Then, I noticed on Sunday that I was not having the usual Sunday night panic attacks that come because I am not ready to handle work the next day. I was shocked but I liked the feeling.

Then, there were a few days where by the end of the school day, I was actually smiling for real and enjoying my job. Unfortunately, I had not been feeling that way during the morning.

Finally, the last thing that has returned is my love of writing. I write fiction everyday but had quit doing that for quite awhile. Feeling better has allowed me to return to the book that I am writing.

I know my life is not completely back to normal but I am feeling so normal right now and that is making me feel so happy. Normal is not something I have ever really experienced in my life.


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