Book Review-Suicide Notes

Awhile ago, I checked out an audiobook on my iPad called Suicide Notes. Since I suffer from depression and have been suicidal a lot this year, I felt the title really spoke to me. The book started out slow. The main character woke up in a psychiatric hospital for teenagers and we learn nothing about why he was there. And it became very clear very early on that we were not going to learn because he did not take his sessions with his psychiatrist seriously.

I stuck with the book though because I was curious to find out why this guy was in the hospital. I got the feeling that something had been behind his suicide attempt. Unfortunately, I will never get to find out what that reason was really about.

About two thirds of the way into the book, the guy checks on some other guy who is in the shower and then from there, an odd relationship begins to form. As a Christian, I was very uncomfortable and hoped that it would end quickly and the book would continue with the reasoning behind the suicide attempt. But after awhile, I had to realize that this was starting to become a major development and I deleted the book.


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