What’s in My Pocket

I suffer from trichotillomania. I have no control over the pulling of my hair and often have bald spots in my eyebrows. Recently, I got switched to a different antidepressant and it is making me more anxious than before. I read that that is normal at the beginning though. But with the increase in anxiety, I have been pulling even more. I was complaining to my friend and told her that I have read online of people that have stuff in their hands to play with in order to control their pulling urges. I told her that I sometimes use a stress ball when I am talking on the phone but have nothing to use when I am at school. I could not hide the stress ball from my students. My friend suggested that I keep something in my coat pocket that I could play with when I wanted to pull. That is why I put a little pompom ball in my pocket.

Today, I actually did play with it. It would have been better if I could have put it in my hand rather than play with it in my pocket but at least I have an option besides pulling.


One thought on “What’s in My Pocket

  1. Hi Depressed Christian. I too suffer from trichotillomania – it’s been 8 long years. I specifically pull from my eyebrows. I’ve been diagnosed with depression and mild PTSD and am currently receiving treatment. I just created my blog but will be writing about my experiences as they go. I’ve also added valuable information to my pages for those who suffer from Trich. I am here if you need anything.


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