Red Flag

The other day at work, there was a health fair in which we could answer this survey and get our blood drawn. I got a call yesterday but I missed it because I was working that said I needed to call the wellness team that was in charge of the health fair. Apparently, they could not wait because they tried to call again while I was at work.

I debated about whether I should call them back. I really do not like talking on the phone. Plus, I had a feeling it had something to do with my survey. But then I wondered if maybe something was wrong with my blood. I decided I had better call them back.

The person I talked to was concerned because I had mentioned that I had been suicidal in the last month and that sent up a red flag. That was what I had originally thought they had been calling about. So I did my best to explain that I had been switching medicine and that was causing the suicidal thoughts. And now that the medicine is starting to work, I was feeling much better.

I guess I should be pleased that they care.


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