Back to the Doctor, Again

I went back to the doctor yesterday. My medicine was helping my depression but not my anxiety. I constantly felt like I was experiencing a panic attack. Work often makes me feel anxious but I was experiencing anxiety even on the weekends.

When the doctor found out that I was no longer feeling depressed, he decided to keep my antidepressant at the same dosage. However, he did recommend an additional medication that will help with anxiety. However, it is long lasting which means that it will take awhile to start working, just like when I started the antidepressant. I really hope this works. I am tired of the monthly trips to the doctor.


3 thoughts on “Back to the Doctor, Again

  1. What time of medication are you on if you don’t mind me asking? I’m taking venlafaxine for the depression and hydroxyzine for the anxiety. The hydroxyzine is take as needed so it’s kicks instantly, but the antidepressant takes about 3-4 weeks to level out. Mine’s starting to level out now (thank God).


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