My Brother Might Have Found My Antidepressant

This weekend, I asked my brother to change the oil in my car. However, he decided to do it while I was over at my grandpa’s. It would not have been a problem but I had come with my mom and did not have my keys with me. I was pretty sure they were back in my purse at my parents’ house but I was not sure. I just knew that I did not want my brother to go looking for them because if they were in my purse, then he would be sure to find my antidepressant. I keep it in my purse when I am traveling. My brother was insistent on changing my oil at that moment though and decided he would go looking for my keys. I hope that if he did see the medicine in my purse than he did not recognize the names. After all, the only reason I am familiar with antidepressant names is because I suffer from depression and have done a lot of research on the topic. Otherwise, he is one that will not understand my problems and will make jokes. Soon, the whole family will know that I am mentallly messed up.


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