I Really Didn’t Mean To

I missed out on giving my hermit crabs a bath over Thanksgiving so I decided to do it today. Because of the nasty cold weather, I heated the water in the microwave for only fifteen seconds. Then, I put the crabs in for just a couple seconds and when I went to pull them out, I noticed their legs were falling off. One of them is already dead and it is not looking good for the other two. I feel horrible because I just killed my pets. I honestly did not know that would happen. I was just trying to keep them from freezing. And now I am a murderer!

Ever since I got my cat, I realize that I have too many pets. But before, I could not have a cat and the fish and crabs gave me company. It is going to make going home at Christmas time and traveling this summer difficult. I guess losing my hermit crabs is God’s way of saying that I have too many pets. Still, I feel absolutely horrible.


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