Are You All Right?

Last night at choir, one of my friends asked me if I was all right. This is the friend that is a school psychologist, the one that is with my teacher friend. Since I admitted to my teacher friend that I have depression, she asked if she could tell the psychologist. I agreed that she could.

I was shocked by the question last night though. Yeah, I was not all right. My hermit crabs just died because of me and I cut because of the incident. However, I have had a lot of practice hiding my feelings.

I admitted that I was not feeling well and the psychologist asked if I wanted to come over for a little while. The whole way there, I was nervous about what to say. I know that I am overemotional when it comes to my pets. I have a relationship with my pets that some people will never be able to understand. Plus, I was embarrassed that I had cut. Even though I do not yet feel bad about what I did, I was not sure how my friends would react.

I did end up admitting what happened to my hermit crabs as well as the fact that I had cut. As friends, they understood, rather than be critical, they sympathized with me. I actually did feel a little better.


One thought on “Are You All Right?

  1. I understand your hurt and pain. When I was younger I had found a caterpillar that I wanted to take home and keep as a pet, but I accidentally stepped on it while running and killed it. It was obviously an accident, but I sobbed so much. I was also super overwhelmed yesterday while at work. I have a Poinsettia plant in my kitchen and discovered that they’re extremely poisonous if consumed, especially for cats. I have 3 cats at home, so all day I was a ball of nerves. My cats always get into plants which is why I originally stopped bringing them home to begin with, but since the Poinsettia’s were a gift I felt obligated to keep them for a couple days. They did get into them and luckily nothing happened, but it ruined my whole day.


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