Mary Kay Party with Trich

One of my students invited me to a party tonight. Despite the anxiety the party was giving me, I agreed to go because I could see that it meant a lot to my student for me to be there. However, when in arrived, I realized that it was a Mary Kay party for both adults and kids. I immediately regretted coming.

I do not wear makeup for religious reasons. I believe God made me beautiful on the outside but it is really what is on the inside that counts. I do not want to alter God’s creation. I am ok with wearing makeup for fun if it is just for me but I don’t. I also don’t really know how to put it on and that had me extremely nervous. I was afraid of looking stupid.

I was also afraid to be there because of my trichotillomania. I have been pulling the hair from my eyebrows again and was afraid people would look to closely at my face and notice the bald spots.

I guess I did have a good time despite my problems though.



2 thoughts on “Mary Kay Party with Trich

  1. I’m glad you went! Mary Kay is all about putting God first and you can still be confident and beautiful on the inside and out; but always wear makeup or skin care products. Besides; Mary Kay has much more than makeup. They have lotion, lip sets to make your lips softer, skin care, body wash, fragrances and more! It’s also great empowering other women.


  2. The purpose of a party is to teach you skin care and makeup that will help build your confidence 🙂 it’s not about pointing out another’s flaws. Glad you had some fun!


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