Helping the Elderly

Today at church, an elderly woman came up to me and said that she had heard that I was thinking about downsizing. I live in a two bedroom apartment just for me but I have definitely not been thinking about downsizing. I do not need the extra space but in a super-small town, I did not have any other options. The apartment works for me though.

However, the woman said that she had an empty basement and was looking for someone to come live with her. The person would have to help her up and down the stairs and remind her to take her medication. There would not be any rent involved.

The idea of no rent is tempting but nothing else about the offer really struck me. I have enough trouble remembering to take my own medication. And no offense, but helping elderly people is really outside of my comfort zone.

I have been living on my own for about a year and a half and really don’t do well with other people. In college, I would have had my own dorm room if I could afford it. I struggle when I go home for breaks because I am so used to living my own life that I do not like being surrounded by people all the time. And when I went to the amusement park this summer, I found it difficult at first living with my aunt and uncle.

I also do not think this woman knows what she is getting herself in to. I have depression. There are days when all I do is watch shows and accomplish nothing. There are days when I have no ambition to cook so I eat quick microwavable foods and leave the dishes for a day when I am feeling better.

Then, there are the time periods where I am never at home because I am with friends. Not to mention during the summer when I leave to work at the amusement park.

While it was a nice offer and tempting to have a companion, it is definitely not for me.


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