Too Much Anxiety

I am a teacher in a very small town so I teach two grades at once. It is very stressful because it is double the work despite the number of students because I have to do double lesson plans, double grading, and double copying. Then, while other schools have teachers do recess duty a couple times a week, I have to do it a couple times a day. I get pretty much one special a day which is my prep period. Then, if it is not my week to do noon duty, I get lunch time free. There have been times though where I have gone the entire day without a break.

It is very frustrating and parents just do not seem to get it. I have had a parent ask me several times this week if her kid could stay after school and study math with me. I have made a lot of excuses. I am not trying to be lazy. And I really do want the kid to  be successful. But after school is my time, even if I am required to stay until four o’clock. I need that time to grade papers and get the classroom ready for the next day.

Then, while a student was filling out his assignment notebook before the end of the day, I noticed a scribbled out note. I could barely read it but a parent was requesting that a student be excused from the Friday spelling test because he was not ready. Instead, they wanted the kid to take the test on Monday. I am thinking absolutely not. That would mean giving up my lunch break to help a student that is not going to pass anyway. The kid is a terrible speller. He does try because he will spend thirty minutes on the test. However, I do not feel like that is something that I should do. He had plenty of time to study this week. He had the same amount of time as anyone else.

Like I said, I am not trying to be lazy. I really do care about the students. However, I think parents need to respect me and my personal time. I already suffer from anxiety without them adding more. Plus, with my depression, I feel that personal time everyday is important.


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