Spinner Rings

Lately, I have noticed that I have been pulling my hair from my eyebrows all the time, resulting in bald spots. I have tried carrying a little pompom in my pocket to play with when I notice I am pulling but it was not really working. I could still hold on to it while pulling. I had heard things about spinner rings so I decided to get one.

I have been wearing my spinner ring for about five days and notice that it has been helping. Whenever I notice myself pulling, I can play with my ring.

Yesterday though, my students noticed my ring and saw me spinning it. They think it is really cool and have been asking a lot of questions about it. I never expected to hide my ring. In fact, I was actually excited about the ring because a ring is normal but a pompom is not. However, the questions from my students are kind of bothering me. Despite my ring helping me, it still bothers me that I have a pulling problem. And all the questions lead to lies. Because I definitely cannot tell people I know that I have trichotillomania. It is something I expect no one to understand.


3 thoughts on “Spinner Rings

  1. I also have trich and when I was in high school I would use silly putty in class so my hands had something to do. My friends would see the silly putty and play with it, and it was very hard to tell them why I brought it to school everyday. I understanf what you’re going through and I hope you have someone to talk to about it, if not shoot me a message, I’d be happy to talk!

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