Home for the Holidays

Last year, I could not wait for holiday breaks because it meant that I could go home to my family. I would begin counting down for the next break right after I would come back from break. This year, I do not feel that way. I was not that excited for Thanksgiving break and I could care less about going home in two days for Christmas break. Really, I am just looking forward to having time off from school. I am not really sure why I am not looking forward to going home right now. I am not depressed. I think part of my problem though is that it is difficult staying at my parents’ house. It is always cold and loud. I hate living out of a suitcase. I have to share the bathroom. Then, there is the problem of hiding my antidepressant. Now, I have a spinner ring that while I am not going to try to hide, but I definitely don’t want to talk about.


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