A Trip to the City

Several days ago, my aunt asked if I wanted to have a girls’ day to go shopping in the city. I was not completely sold on the idea. My aunt gets mad over the simplest thing and yells way too much. Plus, she complains about nearly everything. As much as I needed to do some shopping in the city, I was not sure I wanted to go with her.

But today when she called me, I decided to go. She was going to be near the Goodwill. I had brought stuff from home with the intention that I was going to donate it while in the city. My aunt was also going to the pet store, which I also really needed to go. The one thing she did not need to do was go to Walmart which is what I really needed to do. I needed to stock up on groceries before I go back home. But two out of three is not bad.

I did end up regretting that I went. Sure enough, my aunt complained and yelled a lot of the trip. I just have to remember that I got two out of my three errands done and that is what is important.


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