It is Time to Go Home

The plan was to go home on Thursday. But now I am thinking that I cannot wait that long. Wednesday is sounding so appealing. But by going home early, I run the risk of upsetting my mom. She will not understand that I need my space. She will just see that I am going back to my empty apartment to spend New Year’s Day alone. Actually, I am all right with that. It has never meant much to my family. We usually just go to my grandparents’ house anyway.

I have things I want to do at school though and things that would be nice to get done before school starts up again. Plus, I am tired of just sitting around reading books. I am bored! Yesterday, I cleaned my parents’ house.

Like I said, it is time for me to go home. I am an adult and am free to make my own decisions. I am just afraid of hurting someone unintentionally.


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