It Was a Rough Day

Yesterday was a rough day for me. Even though I came back to my own apartment, I was still feeling really down. I actually cut before I left my parents’ house. Unfortunately, I did not have my scissors that I normally use. I decided to try using my car keys but that really did not work very well.

Then, the thought of suicide crossed my mind. It was such an appealing thought. I had the necessary resources to carry it out.

I cried several times on the four hour car trip. Then, once I got done crying, I moved on to pulling the hair from my eyebrows out. I am not sure what I am going to do when I go to church on Sunday and school on Monday because I am pretty much missing one of my eyebrows. I have only had large bald spots before.

Once I got home, I contacted the Samaritans through email. I just needed some help.


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