I Cannot Stop Pulling

Yesterday, I was pulling my hair from my eyebrows quite frequently. I already classify myself as bald even though I am only missing most of one eyebrow but everyday, I lose even more of the few hairs I have left. Yesterday, it was particularly bad. I kept pulling, realized I was doing it and then stop for a few minutes. Then, I would pull again.

Last night, after having sore fingers and a sore eyebrow, I finally put a bandaid on my thumb. I had to put it on at an awkward angle because otherwise, I could still pull.

Today, I did not pull at all, at least not with the hand that the bandaid was on. I do pull with my other hand but not that often. However, my students noticed the bandage and several of them asked what had happened because of the awkward angle. I ended up lying to the kids and told them that my cat had scratched me. I cannot tell my students that I cannot stop pulling out my hair. They would not understand.

I have a hard time lying though. I felt awful about lying. However, I feel great about not pulling for a day.


2 thoughts on “I Cannot Stop Pulling

  1. as a fellow trich, I know the feeling. I havent tried the bandaid trick before, but I ordered fidget toys online? Maybe that would help you. Or chinese medicine balls or silly putty- those help me pull less too.


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