Crazy Week

It has been one of those weeks and it is only Wednesday. I had a very busy weekend. I am always busy on the weekend with chores and homework and projects for school. My weekend was even busier because I am going home this weekend so I did what I could to do next weekend’s work too.

I will not be in school on Friday so I have been very busy with my lesson plans for next week as well as trying to get things ready for the sub so that it will be an easy day.

I have been  having bad problems with anxiety and OCD the last couple of weeks and knew that I needed to see the doctor. I knew the only days I could do it was Monday or Tuesday. I was unable to get in on Monday so I had to make that trip on Tuesday.

Then, the technology teacher at my school decided that we should have a meeting after school on Wednesday to learn about a new app. But then, she changed the meeting to Thursday. I told her that I could not make it so she agreed to have a meeting this morning.

This afternoon, I got home from school knowing that I needed to do laundry and pack and do chores and also go to Lent services. I also surprisingly had time for homework. However, I am exhausted. I hope this weekend is very relaxing.


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