When I went to the doctor last week, she suggested that I see a counselor. She wrote down a phone number and gave great reviews of the counselor in another town. Afterwards, I told my friend what the doctor had to say. She did not have nice things to say about this counselor though. Another one of my friends is a school psychologist and says that counseling would be really beneficial but he also does not like this counselor. I am not sure what to do. Would counseling really benefit me? If so, I would have to go to this counselor that the doctor recommended because there are not any other options.


2 thoughts on “Counseling?

  1. The right counselor could help. Ask your friends why they don’t like this counselor. There are websites that give reviews for counselors and therapists, this might be useful. Try or . Or just google something like “Therapist finder”.
    There are some really really great counselors and therapists out there. The majority of successful outcomes come from the relationship you have with your counselor, some studies say 90% of success comes from this relationship. Take your time and find one who you feel comfortable with and who you feel like you can really open up to. It might take time to find the right counselor, but when you do, it will change your life.


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