Calling for Counseling

A couple of weeks ago, my doctor recommended counseling. My friends were very against the counselor that she recommended though. I was planning on going to my parents’ house that coming weekend so I put off thinking about it. Then, when I came back, I waited to see if my friends had another suggestion. All they recommended is that I try to find someone when I am living in the city this coming summer while working at the amusement park. This way, it would be very anonymous.

I am not leaving for the amusement park until the middle of May. While it does seem to be coming quickly, it is not quick enough. My problems do not operate on a schedule and I am willing to try counseling now.

I planned on calling the number after school. Then, we had an inservice that went long and I debated about whether I should call today or wait until tomorrow. Somewhere, I found the courage and made the call. I will find out more information tomorrow about making an appointment.

I am nervous about talking to a stranger about issues that are so personal. I do not care that I am still going to be in a surrounding town verses the large city this summer. I have problems, just like everyone else. My problems do not define me.


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