Update on My Mental Status

I am slowly growing my missing eyebrow back. I have been missing at least one of them completely since Christmas. I have often had bald spots in the other. It really does seem strange to see the little hairs there. It is also really exciting. I am still having the urge to pull but somehow, I am controlling it. I have read that OCD medication can help with trich but since I still have OCD tendencies and I still pull occasionally, I am not sure whether I can contribute the regrowth to the medication or to my superstrong willpower (I definitely do not have this otherwise I would not be a cutter).

I have gotten some of my OCD compulsions out of the way however I still have others. I managed to put my clothes away yesterday without having to have them face a certain direction. I also managed to do my recycling without having to do paper last. However, I have a list of 13 things on it and I am going to have to add something to the list because it is driving me crazy.

I have been feeling depressed this week but I contribute that to the idea that I would really like to leave this place. I think I am depressed about the idea of leaving my friends and church choir and the few things I do like about this town.

I am also having extreme anxiety attacks. Yesterday, I took my anxiety medication and I still felt extremely anxious. I was afraid I was going to be sick at one point which was really odd. I did not have anything to do yesterday. I actually realized that I never once spoke to anyone other than myself or the cat.

Somehow, with God’s help, I will get my mental problems under control.


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